Friday, December 30, 2011



{My first style feature!}
My inner circle is not that large because TRUE friends don't come a dime a dozen.
When you get older, you start to look more for quality in your friendships over quantity.
With that being said, I wanted to showcase one of my best friends on my BLOG, Rachel.
What I love most about Rachel is we can be apart for months, but when we get in the same room together, we carry on like there was not any time between us at all.
She calls me just because she is thinking about me.
And she comes from a family that is just as open loving and kind as she is...They adhere to the motto, "you know one of them, you know them all..." as I have grown close to them over the years.
Rachel has stuck by me since we were in the 8th grade.
And to me, that loyalty is just as beautiful as she is!
After spending some time together yesterday, Rachel and I made a date to do breakfast this morning. I told her then to get cute because I wanted to take her picture for my BLOG.
That she did.


Rachel is a busy person who is starting a party planning business, along with her aunt, based here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex [where we are from]. [She will no doubt help me to plan my wedding one day.]


She just finished earning her Culinary Credentials, complete with a paid externship for Disney World, Florida.
I was able to snap some quick photos of Rachel before she, her aunt and her sister headed out to purchase favors for another event she is helping to plan.
Since Rachel is on the go a lot she likes to be comfortable and non-fussy with her look.


Rachel lives for casual chic with her clothing.
Like me, she just puts on what she likes and what makes her feel the most comfortable...


Annnnnnnnnnd she just makes it work for her.
Rachel will tell you she's no fashionista, so when she really wants to "do it big," [so to speak], she enlists the help of her sisters for style advice.  And they do her justice as well...

Wooden Beaded Necklace: Gifted
Zig-zag Print Scarf: Gifted
Blazer: Torrid
Dolman Sleeve Flutter Top: Macy's
Jeans: Macy's
Shoes: Black High-top Chuck Taylors



  1. What a sweet feature on your friend. Cute scarf & blazer! I love comfy & cute as well. It's so often that people don't tell their friends how they feel about them until something bad happens. I love that you did it this way.

  2. Yeah Rachel rocks and she always tells me how good of a friend I am to her as well!
    Thanks for reading Tika!

  3. Chuck Taylor's a simple and classic sneaker that I love...