Friday, December 30, 2011

As my vacation is coming to a close ...

 I must say that I am enjoying myself.

This week I have started working out doing Turbo Fire for Four Days So Far!

I am PROUD to say for the past two days I have done the 60 minute work-out in the set of DVDs.

Turbo Fire is no punk, and 60 minutes is equally as non-frail.

But I know I have to get it back in gear for when I go home on Monday.

Before I started the 10 minute Abs DVD in the Turbo Fire set, I called my friend Rachel to see what she was doing.

I was elated to hear she was on her way out the door to go walking.

I jumped at the chance to go with her.


What an AWESOME way to cool down from my intense cardio session.

Being the documenter that I am, I no doubt took my camera.



The town that I grew up in has some absolutely beautiful additions since I've last made the trip home.






I made a mental note even today to bring my tripod and get some shots of the scenic historical Town Square and maybe even the football field I spent my high school years performing on in the marching band.

[My mom was telling me the band from my old high school won Division One in UIL and thousands of dollars in scholarship monies ... I was part of the foundation that allowed them to get that far, in a band with only 50 members when I was in high school...But I digress]

I always enjoy spending time with Rachel and her family....

It's hard to believe her younger sister is not only a momma twice over, but her children are getting so big!

They were looking quite pitiful because they didn't want to eat their vegetables efore dessert. Their aunt told me they do like vegetables, just not that kind.



[Caption reads: "These veggies SUCK!" lol]

The next day bought more food and fellowship as Rachel and I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.




Of course I asked my bestie to snap some pics of my outfits from yesterday and today.

She was gracious enough to oblige my request.






This vacation has been the best so far and I KNOW will be rested and ready to SAVE the DAY when I get back to work and school.


  1. Look at you getting your workout on!! Go'head!!

    I'm with your friends girls. Veggies suck! LOL!

    And you know how I feel about that belt and your boots. FAB!!

  2. i happen to love veggies if they are not over-cooked, but that's just me... Thanks for the comments!