Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ms. Professional...


First of all, let me just say that I've wanted to wear this shirt for a while now!
I saw it when it first hit the store, kept ogling over it during subsequent trips, and then snatched it up when it went on clearance.
When I was getting dressed, I initially wanted to pair the navy hue of this blouse with my red skinny jeans.
When I looked in the mirror at my painted-on bottoms I decided against it for work...(not bad for drinks with the girls though)
I'm glad I reached for these slacks instead, as I am trying to find new and creative ways to sport pants now-a-days.


The leopard loafers I wanted to pair with these pants were too tan for my tastes, so I dug through my mountain of flats to find a pair I could live with.
I'd forgotten all about my snake skin oxfords...Perfection!


With all these fall colors, (and it not being fall anymore), I needed something to give this look a bright and spring-like flair.
Thus I added a pop of white with this belt and some earrings with the same hue... [Side notes, this is my favorite white belt...It will be in CONSTANT rotation in the warmer months! Annnd... I love the way I kept the accessories to a minimum, and they still added the right amount of contrast. As I get older, I try to choose my accessories wisely and not oversell it!]
You couldn't tell me I wasn't cute today!


Annnnnnnnnnnd...I am a glasses wearer as of Saturday!

I forgot how adorable I look in glasses!
Shout out to Lens Crafters for making my vision what it should be and their vast selection of stylish designer frames! Yipee...
Clear and White-Beaded Earrings: Catos
New Specs: DKNY via Lens Crafters
Navy Chiffon Ruffle Blouse: Old Navy
Tan Flared Slacks: Marshall's
Snake Print Oxfords: Steve Madden
Tan Carry-All: Tommy Hilfiger via Marshall's


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  1. Ok, hunni... I gotta go to sleep! But, I keep going through your blog trying to see what I missed! LOL!!!!

    Loving those shoesssss....