Monday, February 27, 2012

Feelin Da Funk...


My poor coworkers...I leave over the weekend & they don't know what I'm going to look like when I come back on Monday.

When I decided to go to sew-ins, I was out for Thanksgiving break.

Ya'll knew because I made it part of an outfit post.

The people I work with noticed a difference, but couldn't put a finger on what had changed.

That's why it's important to me to deal with those that do quality work when it comes to my hair.

People who don't know you aren't supposed to be able to look at your sew-in and tell it's a weave.

Unless, of course, they work in the profession.

And even then I want them to be impressed.

I must admit I was trying something new with this hairstyle.

I didn't like it at first.


But once I cut off the extra length to a one-lengthed bob, for the exception of my bangs of course, it grew on me.


My hair is crimped with the ends slightly bumped under.

I told myself for a different look, I'd wear it straight.

But I like the freedom of not having to flat iron hair in the mornings.


Another element of this look, as a whole, I had to get used to was the length of my pants.

My tailor butchered me...


They were way too long and now they are flooding.

But, I was NOT about to change just because of that...

I made them work even if the length of my pants tell on my true height...5'3


Large Gold Hoops: Beauty Supply

Gold Watch: New York and Company

Navy Blazer & Gray Tee: Forever 21

Burgundy Beaded Necklace: Dot's Fashions (FOREVER Ago)

Burgundy Loafers: London Rebel via ASOS

Burgundy Bag: Steve Madden

Nail Color: Snappy Sorbet   



  1. cute!

  2. You hair is too cute!! The pants work.I love them with the blazer. I say let then take then up another inch or so for next time.