Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In Orange ....


Orange Texas That is...

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about going out of town.

Besides stopping in Houston, we traveled to Orange, Texas.

That is where my friend is from.

And being from Arkansas myself, I TOTALLY get her Southern Charm.

I was feeling extra cute and casual on the day of our departure back home.

So, I went on and took some outfit pics using this beautiful scenery as a backdrop.


I absolutely LOVE how they came out too.

To my dismay, I put on this dress and it had some bleach spots in the most obvious of places...It is one of my favs so  I was determined to wear it, bleach stains and all.

I was going to do a 'lil DIY with a magic marker, but never got the chance.

I will though, because I absolutely love this dress and how cute and casual it is!

It's nothing like a figure-accentuating dress that makes you put a lil pep in your step...


And with this vest, I thought it just added a 'lil something extra to the look.

...Maybe even a little sophistication.


I used this newly-acquired clutch as a last minute touch to this look. Naomi gave me the idea as she said she always carries a 'lil purse to her nail outings. ...Cuts down on space to look for keys and such.


She was right.

I was so ecstatic how fashionable the python-inspired print was.

Large Silver Hoops: Rainbow [ripped off from my mom's accessory closet]

Frayed faded Denim Vest: Charlotte Russe

Striped Maxi Tank Dress: Target

Silver Sandals: Beauty Supply

Python Inspired Clutch: Charming Charlie's [buy one get one free sale]


  1. First of all, it is too crazy that I JUST posted an outfit with stripes and a jean vest. Well, maybe not crazy, but very coincidental.

    Tammie, you are working that dress!! With them curves, STOP IT!!!! Cute clutch!

  2. Why did I just commit on your post that we were "Style twins" today. Great minds think alike...lol!

  3. Super cute look! Love a versatile piece like a vest :)


  4. Really digging the gray and black stripes. You can never go wrong in a good maxi and I'm famous for throwing a vest on with a maxi in a heartbeat, lol! Looking good!! You ever knot the bottom of your maxi's?

  5. Zag as a matter of fact I have! I have a grapefruit-colored maxi from Old Navy that is insanely long...I knotted it but at the end of the day it stretched back to the original length...Welcome to myaura!