Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend in Words and Pictures 8.25...

I spent the day with myself.
The older I get, the more I realize that rolling solo-dolo is not so bad.
I don't have a man.
Being in the company of genuine people fills that void.
And when you share your time with others, whoever they are, you learn to appreciate your time alone.

I was asked by a reader if I have ever knotted a Maxi dress.


Why yes I have.

I decided to demonstrate the brilliance in doing so by showcasing what I wore today.


The picture in the middle of the collage is merely what this outfit could be with the addition of this scarf.

Subtract that accessory, and this is what I really wore. It was just too hot to put on all those clothes.



After engaging in myself portraits, I decided to treat myself to some personal nail care.

So off I went to have my nails and toes done.


This is how they looked before:


And this, is after:


This is Rue 21's Age of Aqua-rious! Which I found one by the exact name and shade by Color Club while Googling for an image.

I had EVERY intention upon going to the mall and having my eyebrows threaded.

But I found myself going in some stores.

Here are some things I tried on...


Even after Tax-Free weekend, I found some AMAZING deals.

I am already concocting how these looks can be worn now that its warmer, and winterized for the cooler months.

And now...

I'm watching "The Hunger Games."

I was ecstatic to see it had come out in the Red Box!


Silver Stud Earrings: Forever 21

Frayed Faded Denim Vest: Charlotte Russe

Grape Fruit-Hued Smocked Maxi: Old Navy

Silver Link Chain Necklace: Forever 21

Silver Bangles: Assorted Random Places

Gray Cheetah Scarf: MNG for JC Penny

Python-Inspired Clutch: Charming Charlie's

Snake Skin Sandals: Old Navy


  1. Cute look and even tho I have a fiance I'm still a loner.....I LOVE my solo time and I'm glad he understands that!!!

  2. Yup...Its important to know how to live alone because one never knows when they might have to...

  3. If you want a boyfriend I can hook you up. I have a lot of young men that I mentor.

  4. That's sweet...but he'll come soon enough.