Monday, August 13, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures 8.12.12

My weekend started out TRASHY!
So, I call my bank on the way to work to check my balance.
It's payday.
And I was still broke!
After a conversation with a live teller, it was confirmed that my check hadn't been deposited...
I was already running late.
So I went to the Accounting Department at my job and sure enough there was a discrepancy that involved everyone that got direct deposit...REALLY?!
They ended up issuing paper checks that day, which was cool.


On the way back from haggling with the owner of a thrift store for this magnificent bag,


She won BTW and the purse stayed in the store;

My car ended up here...


But none-the-less, my friend Naomi drug me out of town for the weekend to forget about my troubles.

We grabbed breakfast at this bakery on the way out.


They had every sweet confection known to man!  The set-up was where you grabbed a tray and chose the varieties of sweets you wanted out of these cases made like those you get doughnuts from in a grocery store. It was like a buffet of sweets.


We did a pit-stop in Houston to visit my long-lost college buddy and her son...


She doesn't bit more look like any one that has had a two year old than a man in the moon.


[Translation: The possibility that she looks like she has the body of someone that gave birth is about that of a man being in the moon...]


After we left H-Town hours after we planned, we went to Naomi's home town in Orange Texas.

Fun times!

We ate at the Waffle House, which I sorely miss because they are nonexistent in South Texas



And we got our nails done.

I am so amazed that these are my REAL NAILS! They have come so far!


This is how they looked after my polish change.


I went with Orly's Lemonaide!

So pretty.

Naomi found this pretty green by Color Club Twiggie.

So pretty on her!

Now its back to reality, where I am having to bum rides to work and back home.
But there's always next weekend...

Hopefully Eboni [my car] won't need that much done to her.


  1. Your friend's son is too handsome. Now I want a baby boy! Help me..LOL

  2. It started out rough, but I did have fun.

  3. I have been in situations where the company that I worked for got my paycheck screwed up dollar wise, but never where it wasn't received at all!! Lawd I think I would have blown a gasket!! Seems like you held it together pretty well. And I hope Eboni pulls through with the least amount of financial damage as possible. =D

    I'm glad your friend was able to convince you to take a break. It's good to get a away for a little bit and have fun.

    And just let me say... I have a 7 year old son, and NEVER in his 7 years of life have a pushed or walked him around wearing an outfit as FAB as your friends. She looks great!!

    Love your jean vest and that stripe maxi!!

    1. She trying to catch ne girl...Thats why she lookin so fly! LOL! Eboni's repairs are pending until further notice. Thanks for your comments ma'am...I missed yah.