Monday, May 14, 2012

In the Navy Baby...


As I was getting dressed today, I noticed that I am dressing more and more like my momma when I want to be conservative.

She would not have picked the lime green pants that I wore...(Another way that I took some otherwise edgy bottoms and made them work-friendly)


ü  The tucked-in shirt,
ü  Stripes,
ü  Navy Loafers (she actually has a pair),
ü  & Bootcut Silhouette of the Pants,
ALL Her...
I could vividly recollect an instance in grooming my style where I was FREAKING Out, (as an early teen), when I didn't have an all-white pair of shoes to go with this formal dress.  I had remixed the look from Easter to go to a Debutante Cotillion.
My momma told me to wear a pair of Navy and white church flats instead.
"It'll break all of that white," she told me.
That's what I thought about when I was getting dressed this morning...Breaking colors to make an outfit more diverse...
...Taking color and strategically placing it throughout the look to add contrast, dimension, and variety!
Thanks Mom!
Navy and White Striped Top: Old Navy
Lime Green Twill Pants: QVC
Navy Loafers: Old Navy
White Belt: Wal-Mart
Stark White Carry-All: Bakers
Navy Blue Saddle Bag: Dooney & Burke


  1. It's nice to keep all of the advice our mommas tell us in our back pocket to use when applicable.

    This nautical look you have going is super cute! The green pants are just perfect!

  2. This outfit is like WOW! Love those green pants with the striped top! Kiah

  3. Ok, once again… you see I’m trying to catch up on all the wonderful posts I missed!!!! This outfit is brilliant!!! Love the colors… I see Mama got style!