Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sixty Forty...


Only when you reach GROWN WOMAN STATUS can you move your birthday up to fit your schedule.

I planned an impromptu dinner and drinks/dancing for my 31st birthday this weekend.


My official birthday is ACTULLY the 31st (Is that my Golden Birthday?).

And that always falls during Labor Day weekend.

But this year I am not off work during the actual day I graced the earth with my presence, so I planned a get-together here.


As well as my home town...

The title of this post reflects that sixty percent of my big day/night was AWESOME...

Forty Percent...Not so much.

What I Learned:

1. Things sound good to people at the time, but a LOT can change on D-day...

2. Fun is what you make it...


3. Wearing shape wear is OK on special occasions... (Helped a lot with my food baby last night)

4. It's HARD to get even a handful of people in the same place at the same time...

5. I OFFICIALLY learned how to take a Tequila Shot Correctly...ANNNNNNNNNNNNNND the more expensive the stuff is the smoother it is... But the cheap stuff can get the job done!


6. QUALITY in friends is BETTER than Quantity...You don't have to know a lot of people to feel special.


7. Putting yourself out there with the RIGHT PEOPLE makes all the difference in the world.


8. I think I like being pictured with Fire Arms...


9. Try new things; you might be surprised how well they turn out!


10. Home Made cake tastes BETTER...Thank you Nora for my cupcakes!!!!


11. I look DAMN good for 31! (Gotta keep that goin)



Glasses: DKNY

Earrings: Bakers

Dress: Forever 21+

Clutch: Charming Charlie's

Suede Pumps: Bakers





  1. You look amazing for 31 that's how I want to be when I hit my 30s next year!! fierce and fab!! I agree with everything in this post!! I haven't tried shapewear yet what kind did you wear? it was totally undetectable in this dress!

  2. I wore a simple panty girdle I got from Macy's or some other department store. Thanks for reading and your comments!

  3. Grown woman status is right!!! Happy early birthday!! Love the outfit. The dress is really showin that grown & sexiness! That pic with the gun is killin'em! =D

  4. I LOVE this post! Your "golden bday" dress is fab! Yes you do look great for 31 (We get better with age...that's something I've been learning) and I agree with all of the things you've learned! Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Yes we do get better with age...Not that I'm old, but old is the new young!

  6. Lovely look! Super cute earrings and shoes!

    Thanks for the comment on my feature on Cherrie's blog! :)

  7. I had ny eye on those earbobs for a while and Finally bought them I was glad I bought them. As far as the comment, you're welcome. I liked what you had to say...It was ...

  8. FABULOUS U R my dear!!!!! :-)