Sunday, May 13, 2012

K.I.S.S. The Weekend Edition...



This weekend marks the second that I got domestic with it, doing much-needed chores and cooking dinner today instead of picking it up...

After tackling my domestic feats, I didn't feel the need to get prim and proper with my attire.

Thus I threw this on.


No Muss...No Fuss... Just Kiss

Keeping It So Simple.

Then I was out the door to do what I do best...SHOP! And monopolize on those Mother's Days savings!



Don't get it twisted, I kicked my momma a shout out today as well as another awesome mom I have the pleasure of knowing.

I didn't get to see momma today 'cause I live 5 hours from her and I'll be going home to visit at the end of the month.

She know I love her though...

This was my dinner.


Lima beans, meatloaf and corn bread...(my bread was a bit charred on the bottom but ask me if I care)

One thing I can say about my up-bringing is that I was raised in the city, but my values are country. My momma passed down things her momma taught her to me. One of those things is good ole down home cookin'... I'm proud to say it's on my blood to cook like this. ...Thank You Momma & Mawmow...

I know this was random and all over the place, but it is what it is...


Ya'll have a good one...

Gray Tee: Forever 21

 Floral Harem Pants: Forever 21+

Black T-Strapped Sandals: Old Navy ( found these today in my sandal pile and will be placed in back in ROTATION)

Silver Carry-All Tote: Abro brand via Marshalls


  1. Those are cute pants

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