Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dressy Cash...

...As in Dressy Casual
For a lot of Fashionistas out there work wear includes the following:
  • Slacks
  • Heels
  • Dresses
  • Hosiery
  • Blazers
  • And Dressy Blouses

Not I...

Due to the clientele that we cater to, we can wear jeans every day if we want...

And I think a lot of individuals did...

Until I came along.

I still try to ascribe to the casualness of my place of work.

But I also throw some dressy in there too.

It's a challenge to try to pull off looks that are not too pretentious, but still stylish annnnnnnnd with flats no less.

I agree with a lot of folks' whose Blogs I follow when they showcase a look that becomes even more extraordinary with a nice pair of heels.

I envy that they can wear them.

Here are some looks that I concocted in my efforts to try to mix the casual with the dressy for work.
/Side Note/: On the pictures where I am wearing heels, its just for aesthetic purposes!

Azul Earrings/Necklace: Random; Chateruse Dress: Old Navy; Mint Pumps Charlotte Russe
Light Denim Button Down: Target; Golden-Copper Necklace: Forever 21; Aztec Print Pencil Skirt: Forever 21+; Taupe Flats: Old Navy
Chain Necklace: Forever 21; Light Deim Jacket: Old Navy; Black ank Dress: Target; Snake Print/Patent Wedge Sneakers: Blink via Heels.com; Taupe Bag: Gianni Binni via Dillard's
Back & Silver Earrings: Charming Charlie's; Floral Top: Old Navy; White Modern-Fit Trousers: JC Penny
Over-Sized Shades: Rndom; Silver Watch: New York & Company; Denim Shirt: American Eagle Outfitters; Neon Pink Chino's: the Gap; Peanut Butter Loafers: Old Navy
Aqua Shirt-Dress: Alloy.com; Tan Cheetah-Print Belt: Payless; Taupe Flats: Old Navy
Over-Sized Shades: Random; Floral Dress: Old Navy; White Carry-All: Bakers; White Belt: Wla-Mart; Ivory Tstrapped Sandals: Target
Lucite& White Beaded Hoops: Cato's; Denim Blazer: ?; Orange Tank: Gifted from Old Navy; White Belt: Wal-Mart; Floral Wide-Legged Pants: ASOS
Silver Hoops: Body Central; Chateruse Tee: Forever 21; Pewter Belt New York & Company; Silver Watch: New York & Company; Teal Pleated Skirt: JC Penny (on clearance for $8.00!); Pewter Flats: Forever 21


  1. Hunni FLATS are no FLATS you are ROCKING these looks!!!! #TeamFlats My fave is look #2 & #3

    Your FASHION SENSE is always so fun and cool!!!!


  2. You know how I feel. Your style is all the way LIVE (work or play)!! I'm in love with that aztec skirt and that denim blazer though.

  3. AND… I am thankful that I can rock a funky heel to work.

  4. RIGHT! It sucks! But I gotta eat so what can I do? And I wlak a lot so I can see the logic in the dress code.
    Thanks for your continued support!