Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Flashes ...


I am in agreement with most of the bloggers I follow.
Yes, fall has started for me too.
It got to the point that I went on and christened these boots for most of the weekend.
They are the perfect knock-off version to these Sam Edelman's
...But at a FRACTION of the price!
I think the weather is getting with the program in that it has been raining more and more.
As you may know, rain is an indicator of when cold air mixes with warm air in the atmosphere.
[I guess those Geology classes in undergrad paid off...]
It is also getting cooler in the mornings and less muggy, which is why I ventured out this morning to do myself portraits.
I started to go totally neutral to incorporate the colors in the boots to elements of this look above my ankles.
But then I saw a flicker of these fabulous earrings in a bag of jewels still unpacked from my trip home a few weeks ago.
I had a" DUH Tammie !" moment and instantly knew neon pops would do the trick for this outfit.
I pranced around like I KNEW I had it going on all day...
In my mind I did!
And that feeling is needed on a Monday morning!
Neon Button Earrings [the classiest pair I own in this color]: Beauty Supply Find...$0.99!!!
Boyfriend Blazer: Worthington for J.C. Penny
Neon Belt: Birthday Gift
Ebony & Ivory Skater Dress: Old Navy
Leopard Booties: Target
Neon Ring: Charlotte Russe
Black Bag: Coach
I also wanted to showcase my shellac manicure.

I decided to go with a Mauve color with a glitter finish!
I love how this color can be springy or fall, depending on how you spin it!
/Side Note:/ I was spied by more than a few neighbors  while taking myself shots today...I just acted natural hoping they would go away...they did.
As a result, this shot came about...



  1. girl those shoes are the BOMB.COM... i need those in my life..did you get those recently... TAMMIE u soo crack me up..i love reading your blogs.. u seem like a long distance friend( in my mind) ur spirit seems like u are a joy to be around... UR OUTFIT IS SOOO CUTE... looove it

    1. Why thank you Tiffany! And yes I did get those recently... I was in Target minding my own business and there they were...always happens to me btw...Thanks for reading!

  2. ok soo I need that dress and shoes and earrings ok send me the whole outfit!!! lollllllllll

    1. Gasp! I can't let you have my outfit!! Lol! But I appreciate that you liked it so well. Thanks for reading and your many sweet comments!

  3. I'm in alignment with the other two ladies. I want that dress!! BUT I am willing to swap something with you! LOL! Just kidding... unless you gone do it! =D

  4. Lol...Ticka you're a mess!Thanks for the compliment though.