Wednesday, September 18, 2013


As we know, Camouflage Print was all the rage last season.

It is also known that it is not going anywhere as the sweltering heat of summer is phasing out, (in most parts of the country), and the cooler temps are taking over.

Vanessia over at Style4Curves featured her incorporation of the camo trend. Check out her blog here!

As some may know, I keep a mental shopping list of trendy items that I want to find on a dime.

I was in one of my new favorite places to shop minding my own business, when I spotted a pair of the store’s branded “modern-fit” trousers!

...In none other than camo print.

Skeptical about the fit on my voluptuous bottom half, I tried them on for kicks.

The fit was amazing!

The outfits I could construct with these pants instantly begin swimming around in my head!

Needless to say, 
I bought them!

And while playing around with them and some pieces I had at home, I thought they went exceptionally well with my orange peplum top.

Hence, the  look I went with for work today!

I would love to dawn a heel with these pants but I have to play by the rules and wear flats.

My metallic peep-toes were close enough to 
  • soften up the camo
  •  play nice with the contrast between the pop + print 
  • and still stay true to my style….
(All things I consider when getting dressed for the workplace!)

I would have LOVED to wear this shirt in all its sleeveless glory but that is also taboo on the job.

Thus, I covered it up with my denim jacket.

 … And to give my favorite satchel a break, I grabbed this white carry-all with silver hardware!

Taking note of all the things I considered to make this look work, I think it deserves a salute.

Dainty Silver and Clear Earrings: Forever 21
Silver Statement Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory
Orange Peplum Top: J.C. Penny
Camo Modern-Fit Pants: Catos
Silver Low-Heeled Wedges: New York and Company
Denim Jacket: Forever 21+
White Carry-All: (forgot the name of the store…sorry)

PS.: This is my nail color for the week..(maybe two).... Random I know...But I was in Rue 21 and when I saw this blue color it made me smile! It also smells like a blue lollipop, a blue dum-dum to be exact! Always an added perk...that and my Chetah accent finger!


  1. I LOVE these pants and I love the way you styled them!!!! P.S. Thanks for the mention!!!!!

  2. That's what blogger boos are for...can't wait to see an outfit with your camo!

  3. Can I just say: U TOTALLY ROCK!!!!! Also, go ahead & link this post up to my Manicure Monday post please & thank you! Show then nails off hunni! Also thanks for ALWAYS being U! I know I've told u this before but it really does mean a lot! I appreciate u and your honesty!


  4. love how you paired that neon top with camo girl!

    C's Evolution of Style

  5. I've been on the hunt for the perfect camo pants, and I think you may ahve found them!! You look super cute, and I love how you added feminine touches with the orange peplum and the silver shoes! This outfit is on point Tammie!!

  6. I can't wait to work camo into my wardrobe this season.

  7. Yes! I love the camo with the pop of color!