Saturday, September 14, 2013

Girl's Nite...

I had said all Saturday how nice it would be to get out on the town.

{Even though I started back with work last week, it was a blur in that I only worked two days. This was out of sheer desire to only use three days of my hard-earned vacation time.
That said, I was still in vacation mode.
Going out for dinner and drinks/dancing with the girls was just the last hurrah I needed to venture back into reality.}

It’s like my friend Rosa had ESP when she called asking if I wanted to go to dinner.
Just me and her turned out to be four of us.

The more the merrier!

Then, (as per my suggestion), we went to one of the premiere night spots in this city which was less than a block away...

Chillin' on the rooftop terrace! 

 These two were really cutting a preverbal rug! I appreciated their energy!

Of course I had the perfect frocks lined up for the occasion.

I must admit that my thighs are not my best asset. But, you wouldn’t be able to tell in the way I worked this look.

Cellulite and all, I pulled this off by creating balance with a feminine and blousy peplum that cinched in my waist and strappy heeled sandals that elongated my legs.

I figure my new short cropped cut is to blame for this newfound desire to “throw caution in the wind” and try new things with my wardrobe and life in general.

…Not that I didn’t explore these notions before, but for some reason they are enhanced in my mind!

I’m back to feeling more comfortable with myself and I can attest that it is VERY attractive! 

Teal and Metallic Hoops: 2b
Peplum Top: Bisou Bisou via J.C. Penny
Printed Shorts: J. Lo via
Teal Sandals: Cato’s Fashion [on clearance]


  1. Girl, stop! You've got legs for days! They look great and so do you! Love that peplum and floral pairing. Floral and peplum were made for each other!

  2. Tammie!!! Girrrrrl you did that!!! I really love this outfit on you!! I'm so inspired!!! U rock!!

  3. Attractive indeed!! You better show them legs!! Love the shoes!

  4. You are in Love with you in these photos and you look good. First time here and I like. A short haircut will do that to a person make them Love themselves more. . .continue.