Friday, September 13, 2013


I tried to share this post last week, but my dad’s computer was having issues and I was having too much of a good time to stop and post on my mom’s…
I just figured I’d wait until I got back home which is now!

I really enjoyed my trip home.
I didn’t think I would make it. But at the last minute some things came through for me.

I must say that as a single person, being around people that love you is so reassuring.

It doesn’t completely fill the void of romantic love, but it feeds the soul and is encouraging.

I saw people I ain’t seen in SEVERAL months in Sundays. That was a blessing.

…Speaking of blessings, I was able to attend church with some people whom I was in another congregation with all through high school and college. Two of those members started their own congregation and a lot of the people we knew, support them as they begin their ministry.

That equates to seeing people I ain’t seen in YEARS!
It blessed my soul!

This is what I wore for such an occasion.

I begged my daddy to “help me use test out my new camera” and he obliged even though he had worked that day and was getting an early start on dinner for Labor Day.

Gotta love dads!

Fuchsia Earrings: Baker’s Shoes
Black & White Peplum Dress: Cato’s
Fuchsia Cap-Toe Pumps: Target
Deep Bluish-Purple Bag: Ross


  1. Love that dress--and the shoes compliment it so well.

  2. I forget about Cato's!! I need to check them out more often great look!!!!

  3. Cute!! I love the pink detail around the collar!

    That was so sweet of your dad to take your pics! And I'm glad you had a great time going home. Seeing family and friends can really create a calming space as long as you're surrounded by love.

  4. Thank you all so much ... More to come!