Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Me: The Weekender

One of the things I recently (re)vowed to do was date myself more…
You know how we get dressed up and even put on make-up for date night with significant others,
To go on a date with a guy?

I feel like I need to get out more and do things other than shop and get my nails done.

Those things are good.
I will still do them.
But I want to go to the moves every once in a while.
I want to have a meal in a great restaurant by myself.

I want to do some touristy things in my city.

I constantly accumulate all these GREAT clothes…But never wear them anywhere but to work.

That’s not a life and its time that I start getting mine!

That said, today I made my face up,

Put on something nice,

And hit the town…

My plan was to take myself to a movie but that will be postponed until another time soon.
I’m waiting on some friends to call me so we can have a drink instead…(And we did!)

Lion Head Earrings: Forever 21
Acid Washed Denim Button-Down: Forever 21+
Gold-Toned Chain Link Bracelet: Wal-Mart
Faux Leather-Look/Coated Leggings: Rainbow
Fancy Pointed-Toe Chain-Link Flats: Catos

…On my lips: Wet n Wild Megalast in 910D Red Velvet…
Caught it on Sale for $0.99 at CVS Pharmacy about a week ago...


  1. I agree with you Tammie!! and I looove that shirt!!

  2. That lippie is gorgeous on you and you are so right. Even tho my Husband and I do date night once a week...I still like to get fabulous and have my ME time every now and then. People watch and enjoy my own company.

  3. It's very important to have that time to yourself & look pretty while doing it :)

    PS, ain't nuthin like a good denim shirt.

  4. I'm loving the denim on denim and the red lips! Yes, I love to get dolled up for myself!

  5. Love it sis! Although I've been a silent reader for quite some time, I had to comment on this new change in you! I love it and glad you are living life to the fullest! Welcome to nappturality also sis:) Blessed~