Monday, November 4, 2013

Effortlessly Chic

The Right Color...

The Right Accessories...

The Right Fit...

Elements that make a look effortlessly chic. ...

I usually start the week out with a dress because they make me feel pretty. It occurred to me today that I wanted to give a look with pants a go. I don't typically wear them as much except for on the weekends and most of the time it's leggings.

Lion's Head Earrings: Cato's/ Link Necklace: The Avenue/Army Green Top:  J.C.Penny/Color-Blocked Bag: Big Buda/ Pointed Flats: Cato's [so comfy!] /Lips: Wet 'n Wild Megalast in Cherry Bomb


  1. Thanks! Its all about finding clothes that fit right! Those Gap jeans fit AMAZING!

  2. Cute!! This look is classic!! I think I may have to check Gap out for jeans! The new blog layout is looking nice too!

  3. I'm glad to see you back! Yes, do check the Gap out. I put a friend on to their jeans and and she loves them.