Friday, November 8, 2013

My Aura Styles....Rocio!

So my friend was having a birthday and when she said she was doing, “nothing much,” myself and my friend Neph was not having it!
I personally think birthdays are a time to celebrate YOU!
That is the one day you should feel beautiful.
Dress up, get your hair and nails done, have FUN!

When I offered to style Rocio she was apprehensive. Her style is so different than mine.
I assured her I would take her out of her comfort zone, but find her something that she loved.
I had one rule for the dress she wore….NO BLACK!
So with  only a month’s notice, I set out  to find her outfit….And this was the result.

Even though her party theme was leopard and black, Rocio fell IN love with this magenta sheath dress. She had told me that she had some “blingy” accessories that never made it to a trip to Vegas, so she wanted something that matched those.

Solid colors are PERFECT when incorporating bling into an outfit! 
Keeping with the theme, Rocio got an AMAZING black manicure with leopard accents.  When she showed me her nails #idied!

All in all Rocio is a natural beauty.
I had such a wonderful time shooting her and editing her photos!

Dress: Worthington for Women via JC Penny

Accessories: Chosen by Rocio

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  1. You did a nice job!! Her dress is too cute!! I agree that birthdays should be celebrated. I celebrate for a full month!! LOL!!