Wednesday, November 20, 2013


It’s every-WHERE!
And I am a sucker for black and white because it so versatile.
So I have to literally STOP myself from buying clothes with this print.
I limited myself to this, and another dress, which includes this print.

I don't need stuff I already have, or I'll end up with a closet full of duplicates!

Now, let’s talk about the location of these pics.
I had it in my mind to take my pictures by this fabulous yellow-painted store front near my job.
I even spotted another yellow backdrop in the same vicinity.
The issue was both places were near my job.
I thought about waiting until everyone went home, but that meant hanging around approximately 30 minutes after work. I LOVE blogging but I’m sad to say that wasn’t going to work for me.


I would have been mortified if someone from my job saw me all posing in front of my tripod…
Couldn’t risk it…

So I searched for a yellow POP and this alleyway had to do…

I like alleys for pics because they are secluded and their griminess create a nice juxtaposition with the femininity of this outfit.

[Expect to see a lot of alley backdrops on the blog…I’ll try not to make it too mundane…]

Earrings: Forever 21/Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory/Dress: Cato’s/ Pumps: Calvin Klein via Ross… 

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