Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ugly Sweater All-Stars!

I don’t need an entourage to go out and have a good time…But spending time with friends can be a nice opportunity for a new experience!

When I got the text from my work friend Skarlet to come hang out, I was game.
The occasion was an “ugly sweater” party at a local bar.
When I thought of ugly sweater, my mind instantly pictured this…

Or This….

Or This…

I was wrong! In a VERY intriguing and entertaining way though!

Committed to the cause is an understatement for what my eyes beheld!

 She Definitely WON!

I didn’t have an ugly sweater so I decided to steal my friend’s garland to wear as a turban…

As well as a boa…LOL!

And that was without a LICK of alcohol in my system! LOL!

All in all I had fun!
Next year I definitely want to be PREPARED!

Metallic Moto Jacket & Heels: Forever 21/“AS IF” Tank: Wal-Mart/ “Premium” Boyfriend Jeans: The Gap Outlet/Earrings: Shasta Boutique

These are pictures from another party I went to the night before!

Like I said, I’ll be ready for next year!

I LOVED her Christmas Light Leggings! 
She got them from Wal-Mart!!!

And this gentleman was print-mixing with his sweater! NICE!


  1. You look cute Tammie you U def seemed like you had fun!!.. I love the AS IF shirt too!!

  2. Today is ugly sweater day at work but I chickened out!