Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blue Valentine...

I always wanted to do a shoot on location downtown.
No matter what city one lives, it is one of the most scenic places to take photos.

Thus, I called in a favor from a friend to help me with a Valentine’s Day treat for the blog!

Our Theme? 
Single Gal Conquers the Big City on Valentine’s Day

There were SO MANY SHOTS that came out remarkable!
It was hard to narrow it down to these few.
But I did!
This was the best Valentine’s Gift Ever!
I want to thank my friend Naomi for helping me make this happen!

Earrings: Vintage, Thrifted/Dress: Forever 21+/Heels Vince Camuto via Ross


  1. Gorgeous photos!!! My Husband just got a new camera I can't wait to upload better quality photos!!!

  2. It makes all the difference in the world V! I'm on the hunt for another lens! They are expensive, (almost the price of the camera itself) but so worth it to be able to set up my tripod and not wrestle with angles!

  3. You are ROCKIN' that dress... but you better get out the street! LOL Work it, girlfriend! :)

  4. Thanks cousin! Street shots are the best!!!!!

  5. Girl you look amazing!!! Love it!!