Monday, February 10, 2014

Chevron & Oxblood...

Let me just say when I got my oxblood boots from Evan’s, I didn’t have any idea how I would incorporate that color into my wardrobe.
Now, I can’t get enough of those boots or the color in general.
And of course I’m getting my fill because it’s EVERYWHERE!
From makeup, to various clothing items to shoes, (of course), and accessories!
I have over-indulged. 
Due to the nature of the modest heel requirements at work, I typically buy a heel and a flat in a complementing color to make the outfits I wear versatile. 
I spied these babies on the clearance rack for less than $10 bucks!
They were perfect for my current obsession! Please believe I’ll be wearing my oxblood boots with this dress, probably tomorrow.
(I wore this outfit to church to hear my friend’s dad give his first sermon.  So I feel like I can wear it tomorrow too. I’m no stranger to duplicating a look back to back if I deem it necessary…)

I CAN’T BELEVE this dress fit so well! Usually shift dresses hug my bottom half in an unflattering way!
But I felt so lady-like in this outfit!

I am wearing head to toe Cato’s (which now sells clothes online BTW) and the clutch is Forever21 /Silky Sheer Hosiery via Ross


  1. Very cute!! I'm loving that dress on you.

  2. I love your style Tammie. You wear the nicest outfits. I love this dress on you and those shoes...LOVE! Thank you for letting us know that Cato's finally sells clothes online! It's about time! :)

    1. Right! It's about time they got with it! Thanks for being a loyal reader Crystal! I appreciate it!

  3. YASSSSSSSSSSSSS HONEY this combo is fab and ur legs are giving me Tina Turner fierce in this dress!

    1. Thanks V! You got me over here cheesin!

  4. Omg! You slayed this look. I loooove the chevron print and how well it paired with the oxblood. And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who will rock the same outfit twice in one week :)

  5. Yes ma'am! With a little style innovation, people won't even know the difference!

  6. Ooooo those shoessss are sooo DIVINE!!!! And, the price you could have picked me up a pair. Loving that dress too!