Thursday, February 6, 2014

Getting My I-Life

2014 marks My Aura’s Journey into the 21st Century.
I took my blog to other media platforms by creating a Blog Page on Facebook (If you haven’t, LIKE my page HERE Please and Thank You).
Also on a smaller and more personal scale, I purchased an I-Phone 5s.How else will I be able to engage in various social media platforms on the go without it?

So without Further ado, I present My I-Life.
This is merely some of my favorite random moments captured  with my camera phone that showcases how my Life and my Style Collide!

This first collage represents some recent events, most of which I've captured and shared via Facebook! These are great memories! From a random night out with my girls at a country bar, {that happens to have a dance contest and awesome drink specials), to the time I flipped my whole love-seat over looking for something that fell in between the cushion! These images represent the small things which makes up the stuff of my LIFE. They are symbols of sustenance for me and ways that I stop and retreat from my hectic existence!

Beauty and blogging goes hand and hand in my book. My nails have always been something which I enjoy experimenting. I typically take my own colors to the nail shop for this reason. Now I am trying my hand at various beauty products as well. My look is pretty basic. I enjoy mixing it up with my favorite dime store and department store brands! 

At the beginning of the year I made a pledge to myself to try to eat better. I still have cheat days, but I am more cognizant of what I'm puttying in my body through tracking foods. I don't track every day, but I have been 90% of the time. Most of the meals in this collage were made by my good friend.A few of them are from local eateries. I know I've come a long way when I don't order fries when go out to eat! 

What’s a personal style blogger without implementing elements of their favorite trends!  Included are some dressing room selfies of me trying on some items I spied while on a random shopping trip as well as the makings of some dope outfits! 

So there you have it! These are Elements of my I-Life and proof that I am really enjoying my new I-Phone 5!

Disclaimer: I am NOT being compensated for this post! (Although I should be *wink*). This post is a product of my own creativity and desire to share my LIFE!


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