Monday, February 17, 2014

Brenda is a TEN!

As those of you who are friends with me on Facebook know, I have adopted the phrase “I am a TEN.”
To me this phrase embodies the value I place upon myself as a woman.
As women, so many times we get negative messages of how we don’t measure up. Life circumstances, the media, and society as a whole imposes these irrational beliefs upon us.
For me “I am a TEN,” means I am making an effort to embrace my self-worth and diminish thoughts and behaviors, which lowers this aspect. Your self-esteem is the YOU that you take out into the world. What are you showing people? It starts with you and the people who you associate yourself with as well.  That brings me to this post!
{Brenda's signature face! LOL!}

I met my friend Brenda when I first moved to my current city. We work in a HARD profession. Human Services is oftentimes a thankless job, which has aesthetic qualities one must look for.
You have to LOVE what you do. That’s Brenda!

Not only is she always bubbly at work, but also she’s just that way wherever she goes.  I often joke with her that I can’t take her anywhere because she’s always making friends with the most random folks!
Brenda loves people! And people are drawn to the inner light she radiates!
Brenda is the type of person who grabs life by the horns! She loves adventure and sharing a good story!

Brenda is a TEN because she is smart, loyal, outgoing, 
positive and OBVIOUSLY beautiful!


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