Monday, April 21, 2014

Simplicity: I'm not Always Fabulous....

But I am real!

I want to just say some things before we move forward.
I am appreciative of the attention that I have been receiving. It still makes me blush!

 I must confess that I didn’t take the pictures with the intention for them to get the notoriety, which they did.  That’s why it TOTALLY blew me away when A-List Bloggers took the time to post my pictures on their Facebook pages!

I just wanted to showcase my personal style.
I don’t want to ever feel pressure to be FABULOUS all the time.
As a real woman, I am unable to do that.

Please don’t come to this website with the expectation that everything I wear will be Facebook viral inducing.

What you can expect to see is me!!!

Fabulous one minute.
Casual the next.
And everything in between.

I will continue to welcome support and exposure, but I can only hope its for being myself.

 Tammie of My Aura  

Earrings: Aldo/Denim Dress & Pouch: Forever 21+ & Forever 21/Wedge Sandals: Rampage  T.J. Max (they will no doubt be my statement sandal of the summer!)


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