Monday, June 16, 2014

Ayissa is a TEN!

Its been a while since a did a feature so I thought it befitting to introduce you to another one of my beautiful friends.
As you may know, {if you follow my blog regularly}, I occasionally{ allow} beg my friend Ayissa take my pictures.

She has an impeccable gift when she gets behind the lens of a camera and I am ALWAYS satisfied with the portraits she takes! 
This day I {bullied} persuaded her into allowing me to take some snaps of her.

Ayissa is more comfortable behind the lens, but you couldn’t tell it in these shots.
Her girl-next-door charm shined through which made for some BEAUTIFUL pictures!

Ayissa is a ten because she is such a free spirit, which makes her relatable to people from all walks of life. She is cool and laid back, witty and not afraid to try new things. But she also has this edgy undertone, which has caught me off guard a time or two, in a good way.

Being friends with Ayissa has drug me out of my comfort zone  and helped me outside of my preverbal box!
These are all reasons why she is a TEN!

Aviators & Necklace: Aldo/ Watch: Fossil/Dress: Old Navy/ Denim Jacket: J.C. Penny/ Shoes: Pac Sun/ Bag: Borrowed 


  1. Very nice!! Friends are a wonderful gift, aren't they?? I do love her dress. That color screams Summer!

  2. Yes they are Ticka and that is the very reason I value your input.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes Ayissa does plays on vivid colors really well!

  4. Super cute post, Tammie!! And 'Ayissa Ten' better WERK!!!

  5. Thanks so much for reading T!!!!!!