Thursday, July 17, 2014

Acid Wash with Neon Pops...

I did a DIY with this dress.  {You can view it before it’s transformation HERE.}
I cut off the sleeves and dip-dyed the top and hem with bleach to create a faded effect.
I was hoping for a more drastic change in the look of the garment, {white stripes where it was bleached} but I committed to wearing this dress flaws and all.

And eventually it grew on me.

One thing I learned as a blogger is we notice the flaws in things but others have a different perspective. This can be a tool to remind us to focus on the big picture and not to pick ourselves apart.

During the weekend of the Fourth, I shot some pictures here with someone who’s company I really enjoyed. I wanted to come back to remember that day and get some photos for the blog.

I ventured away from my original spot and found this little nook by the water. My photographer’s eye knew it would make for some good pictures.

{Random Thought:All the concrete reflected the heat and it was so HOT!}

Shades: “Borrowed”/ Earrings: 2-bebe/Dress Forever 21+ & DIY/Sandals: Aldo/Clutch: Charming Charlie’s


  1. I love the whole look but those shades are so BAWSE!!!!

  2. I love a good DIY and this is a very, very good DIY. No one else has this dress and you are rockin' it.. . .