Monday, July 14, 2014

Stand Out to Fit In...

{Fitting In}
One difficult lesson I’ve had to encounter is to pay attention to the energy I give off.
Being positive can produce a light, which radiates letting others know you are kind and approachable.
When one is negative, it turns people off.
I want to be kind, grateful and humble, even when it’s uncomfortable for me. 

{Standing Out}
However, I want to continue to carry myself with an excellence that is notable.
I admired this trait in others when I was first entering the world of work and establishing my identity and I don’t want that to change.
I’m realizing one should NEVER dull out what they do well because it gives others something to aspire to. It causes others to become inspired to tap into strengths within themselves. …Even perhaps their dreams.

I wasn’t going to wear this outfit to work today. Even though the dress code is dressy casual, people tend to lean on the more casual side. I thought it would be too much.
But I asked myself, “where else would I wear this?” and “how can I make this look fit in at work?” I opted for flats instead of heels and really simple accessories.

It gets cold in the building so I added this denim moto as an add-on to dress the look down even more.

My assessment of this look is I that some heels or strappy sandals would have done it more justice.
But in true Tammie form, I did add a pop of color with my vibrant pink bag!

I compromised today not to seem too boastful with my dress. But I might have to find another way to convey I’m part of the team. I realized I love to dress. That won’t change anytime soon, and really I want to be happy with the clothes I wear.

Earrings and Flats: Old Navy/Denim Moto: The Gap Outlet {as seen in the new Transformers movie}/Mint Peplum: Cato’s/Mint Skirt: Boohoo/Bag: Ann Klein via T.J. Maxx


  1. Yes, yes, and more yes!! Be bold when possible. I love dressing up to come to work, even though like your office, most of the people I work with lean towards the casual side. Because I get dressed up a lot, I'm never asked "Why are you so dressed up?" lol!

    You look great. Love the mint color on you!

    1. I've only been working in my current position for about two weeks now. I just figure they gone find out. It helps that another wan I work with
      Is a dresser as well!

  2. I am in LOVEEEEEEEEEEE with this color combo give me that BAGGGGG!

  3. Thanks V! I LOVE this purse too and do not carry it nearly as much as I'd like to.

  4. cute dress, I love the color, it goes so well with the bag and flats.

  5. Thanks so much Fadhion Rehab and welcome to My Aura!