Thursday, July 10, 2014

Girly Girl...

I realize this is two floral outfit posts in a row...Perhaps this piece will give insight as to why that is...

Spending time with a good friend, witnessing her girly girl style in action, and wearing floral really made me think about the evolution of my own style. 
I briefly reflected upon how I’ve always been such a girly girl myself.
My younger self cherished pretty dresses, ruffled socks, costume jewelry, patent leather dress shoes and carrying a cute purse to match! {I even recall having a black and white color blocked tote growing up. That was way before my time in fashion, but also a foreshadowing to where my tastes would take me when time FINALLY caught up .}

Not much has changed now that I am an adult. 

Perhaps I am drawn to dresses and floral pieces like these because they are girly.
But, as an adult I am aware of how clothes can morph into something edgy and sensual as well.  Hence, the back cut-outs on this dress and the body skimming fit!

I sort of wrestled with how to make the true blue color of this garment translate to summer when I first purchased it.
I decided to make things easy on myself dabbling in a light color pallet with peach lips, pastel button earrings and white accessories.

These included my go-to white shades, which have been featured on the blog all summer long! That’s how much I ADORE them.

Shades: DD’s Discounts/Pastel Blue Button Earrings: Aldo/ Floral Dress: Forever 21+/Sandals: Ralph Lauren via T.J. Maxx


  1. I'm a girly girly to the core so I can never get enough of seeing you in florals.

    1. I'm so glad that I am not by myself! I explored this because sometimes I get so into my grown woman's grind that I forget how to be layf and girly and not take myself too seriously!