Monday, July 7, 2014

It’s Called a Playsuit, But I An’t Playin Tho…

So Um Yeah….

Check It!

When I first saw this playsuit/romper in-store I thought it’d be too young for my tastes. But I also thought I’d try it. What could it hurt right?

I was looking for a style, which, could translate into something, more refined and grown-up but unfortunately the one I had in mind never made it to my local store and it sold out online as well.

The ditzy floral and V-neckline was out of my comfort zone.
Buuut, the fit was amazing!

{For someone who does not have many pairs of shorts that they feel comfortable wearing}, The pros outweighed the cons and I took this baby home with me.
Fast Forward to today and with the right accessories, I created a look with which I could feel comfortable.

I feel my vest, necklace, and other coordinating add-ons made this look more age-appropriate as opposed to being too youthful {which was NOT what I was going for}.

And of course showing a little leg is always proper if you find shorts that are cut to flatter big legs, as opposed to putting them on display in a negative light.

Earrings & Necklace Set: Burlington/Vest: Old Navy {old}/Play Suit & Pouch: Forever 21+/Sandals: Ralph Lauren vie T.J. Maxx {my favs this summer}


  1. I'm still scared to try a romper but I get ALL my life living vicariously through yours. I love how you styled this pairing it with the vest was everything.