Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Am Enough!

We single girls all, {for the most part}, want someone to sweep us off our feet. I am currently in a situation of vulnerability in this area.
With this in mind, I became cognizant of the fact that even still, I should not lose sight of who and what I am. So I took myself out on a date to remind myself that I am in fact, enough! I don’t have to wait for another person to show me a good time.

As long as I’m living, I AM that person!

I dressed up!
I hadn’t worn this beautiful dress I purchased this summer so I thought it the perfect occasion to do so.

Went out to dinner.
I remembered TGI Friday’s had this GREAT pasta dish that I adore!

Took in a flick.
I missed it at the cinema so I took myself to see the movie “The Other Woman.”
& Let’s face it, the dollar movies is a PERFECT way to take in your fav. flicks on a dime.
…Hence my movie meal.

Even though I did have the occasional pangs of longing when I saw people out on dates {that’s normal}, I had some thoughts, which occurred to me as well.

I could double dip! Not sharing my appetizer with another person gave me permission to add some more marinara sauce to my cheese sticks half way through finishing them.

I got to pick the movie! How many times do we get roped into seeing some sappy, non-comedic or just flat out unentertaining film with friends or a significant other? You don’t get your time or the $7 you spent back! And if you’re anything like me, you find something you enjoyed about the movie, just to save face with yourself.

I get to be a cheap date! Not many things are more unattractive than a guy who is doing the bare minimum. But when it’s you, you know what your intentions are at the end of the night!

I already have in mind somewhere else I want to go for next time!

Earrings: 2 BeBe/ Dress: Forever 21+/Clutch: Charming Charlie’s/ Sandals: Kenneth Cole Reaction via Marshall’s


  1. Tammie you love stunning!! and you are in fact ENOUGH!!

  2. Looking gorgeous per usual. Love the colors in that dress! Taking yourself out on a date is the perfect way to have a good time. And it's not only for single women. Even though I'm married, I do it all the time. And I enjoy all of the things that you listed, including not wanting to lose sight of who I am as an individual..., and especially picking the movie :)

  3. I'm not married Ticka, but I gather from what you've shared and from what I've read that you can be a better wife and mother when you have time to pursue your own interests and nurture who you really are. That is wonderful!

  4. You are doing what all us single gals should be doing and I love your look. Loving yourself is the key to a better relationship with others and you sure 'nuff love YOU!. Kudos. . .

  5. Thank you Ms. Kurves! Appreciating yourself is only one way to love yourself. Following your dreams and ambitions is another. I am realizing that now more than ever!

  6. Beautiful post, Tammie! And yes you are indeed ENOUGH :)

  7. Love this post, Tammie!! And as always, you look adorbs!! :)