Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines 2015

Beauty is such a subjective idea.
It is a concept, which is as fleeting as the breath we breathe through our nostrils. One minute one thing is desirable, and then the next minute another attribute makes one beautiful.

I was one of those people whom looked to define my beauty, {among other things}, by what others thought it was. I find myself focused now, more than ever, on continuing to be aware of this and have decided to define my own beauty.

I seek validation from others less. People around me notice the change. Not because I’m looking for them to, but because they can’t help but to notice. Thus when someone sees what I see in myself, it is a gift, not a necessity. 

Which brings me to my pictures. I couldn’t stop looking at them. I feel that what I have come to know about Tammie on the inside radiated on the outside.

All while I was taking these shots, I got cheers and car honks. Those were gifts to me. I took them as an outpouring of affection those around me witnessed my style, my fierceness, my fearlessness, my confidence and my beauty. ...Attributes I walk in every day.

What better Valentine’s gift can one get than the gift of truly loving and appreciating themselves?

I wish you all lives filled with love... starting with loving yourself.

Earrings & Dress: Forever 21/Shoes: Chinese Laundry


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  2. Yaaassss!! The long awaited return of Tammie Smith and her aura! I freaking love this post. And how awesome was it to be honked at, hot mama?! You look amazing!

  3. It is evident that you love YOU and this is a beautiful thing. Kudos!!

  4. Beautifully written and I can truly see the love you have for yourself radiating from these photos. Missed you girlie!