Saturday, July 9, 2016

Allow Yourself to be Broken ...

What Happened to Kuwait?

I know some of you are wondering why & how I am back. I have some things to share about my recent experiences.

Within the last few months my heart has been broken not just once, but twice.
I suffered through feelings of devastation, anger, humiliation, fear, anxiety and shame. I felt extremely guilty, which led to depression.

What are you doing Now? 

In the midst of walking through this valley in my life, something AMAZING happened!

I turned to my friends and it was like God sent reinforcements to remind me who I am in HIM.

This in and of itself is a miracle because:

I.  In these last and evil days, people are literally trying to destroy each other! I am hypersensitive to destructive criticism.  It hurts because I had to deal with my own issues to evolve into the very facets of greatness others perceive … They see the product and not the WORK it took to become great and certainly not what it is taking to MAINTAIN greatness!

II. I have a fear of rejection. I fear that I’ll be cast out by people if I put myself out there too much. So, my reaction has been to try to do things alone. That can be a good thing because I gain a sense of control over my success. But it can be bad because I am limited to what I can accomplish on my own.  Also, WILLFULLY choosing to be alone to escape vulnerability, leaves you even more vulnerable and unsupported.

I am walking in a period of restoration, but before I could be restored I had to allow myself to be broken.  

What's Next? 

I’ve encountered some people that just want to get in my business. And you know what? I put them there! I want people to see that GOD is in control and it may look like I lost but I am really winning.

This experience taught me that life is a series of mountains and valleys. One minute you can be up and the next minute you can be down. It was all orchestrated for a purpose. It is all for your good.

If you can think of anything you could have done to change the trajectory of a situation, then you are responsible. Accept that responsibility but not guilt. Guilt is a crippling emotion and you cannot move forward with it on your back. Don’t beat yourself up for your mistakes.

Allow yourself to be restored! After a setback, don’t get so busy looking for the next opportunity that you miss what’s going on around you. God put you in your NOW for a purpose and there will be purpose in the next chapter as well. Allow that purpose to manifest.  Even if it is a season of brokenness, God will restore you and you will shine as new as brass!

Bravely and Boldly walk in your truth.  There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

Necklace: Forever21 {old}/ Top: Old Navy/Pants: Melissa McCarthy for Seven Jeans/ Bag: New York & Company/ Sandals: Target 


  1. You definitely don't look like what you have been going through. You look amazing as always Tammie. Going through some tough things myself so this was right on time.

    1. V! Thank you for your comment and support. I am learning in times of tribulation to cling to God! He's the only one you can be clingy with and He won't get tired of it. I am also learning to pray. ... Not just in passing but ferverently and specifically. Last but not least, praise. God is good and the reason why you are going through is because this period is connected to your purpose. There is a blessing on the other side of your pain! Love you!

  2. Welcome back girly! I'm walking in restoration as well. Hasn't been easy for me either the last few months. But God! Can't wait to see more from you :)

    1. Hey Kishina!
      Girl be restored in Jesus name. I have sensed your spiritual growth over the past year and it has really motivated me. Keep that fire burning! It is one of our greatest gifts. Love you and thank you for commenting!!!

  3. Welcome back girly! I'm walking in restoration as well. Hasn't been easy for me either the last few months. But God! Can't wait to see more from you :)