Monday, March 3, 2014

Good Sportsmanship...

I’ve wanted to try the Sporty Chic trend for a while now. However, I had  issues finding an item that spoke to me.  Then it happened!

I was beyond STOKED to find these sequin joggers online!
They first went on sale around Christmas and I MISSED IT!
I pounced on them during another sale opportunity a few weeks ago!

I’m so glad I did!
They are perfect!

I decided to jazz them up today with my Michael Klors Caged Booties to run some errands.

{Sorry bout the ghetto price sticker...oops!}

As you can see by my poses, I felt so fierce today.

I can finally check trying the Sporty Chic trend off fashion bucket my list! #WINNING!!!
Better late than never!

Jacket, Clutch, Earrings and Bib Necklace: Forever 21+ & Forever 21/ “Vintage” Tee: Old Navy/Sequin Joggers: Wetseal Plus Online/Caged Booties: Michael Klors via Ross!


  1. YOU DID THAT TAMMIE!! These photos are so gorge! I love your take on sporty chic!

  2. You look Great is this outfit and could be worn on date night. . . .

  3. Girl you have so inspired me! I rock short or long dresses and I purchased a couple items at "Tarjay"(targets)

  4. Yes! Cousin Cee, you can find fashionable items anywhere!

  5. I...LOVE...THOSE...PANTS!!!! You got it right with the sporty chic!!!

  6. YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!! *snap snap* Nailed it as always!!!

  7. You guys are making me smile over here ! Thank you so Much!!!!

  8. Weeeeerk, miss lady! Yaaasss! Love the whole ensemble!!

  9. Girl that whole outfit is BOMB!!!!!!!!!!! I need those shoes and joggers in my lifffffffffeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  10. OMG these pants are perfect on you!! You ROCKED this look Tammie!!