Thursday, March 6, 2014

C’est La Vie (Say-la-vee)… Such is Life!

Is it bad that I bought this shirt not knowing the French to English Translation?
I liked it.
It was on clearance.
So THAT sealed the deal.

I asked a co-worker what it meant and I was expecting to be made fun of, (jokingly of course).

But no, he told me.

And another, confirmed it.

It’s so appropriate for some of life’s circumstances.
“Be like the duck” my daddy used to quote one of his favorite sayings, “calm on the surface and paddling like the devil underneath.”

So if the French can agree with that, so can I.

Earrings: Catos/Denim Undershirt: J.C. Penny/ Trench: New York and Company/ Sweater & Jeans: Forever 21/ Bag: Olivia + Joy  via Marshall’s

 /Side Note:/ Looking at these pics, I really think I'm getting the hang of the ol' grown-up-with-some-edge look. Just look at how I took a screen print sweater, some acid-washed jeans and remixed them with a classic trench as well as some classic riding boots to mesh the two styles! All while being IN dress-code for work, manning the requirements of cold weather and accentuating my THICKNESS! #winning!


  1. Winning indeed!! I live for a grown/casual look! You worked it well.