Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Cop-Out Outfit

On the real, all my outfits are not always calculated.
But even during those times I still want to look put-together.

The denim dress is a PERFECT cop-out outfit.
It goes with virtually EVERYTHING to create an INSTANT look!

To switch gears, I [accidentally] found a bag to go with my Can’t-stop-wearing-them-no-matter-how-hard-I-try, Boots.
It was a steal at only $20 bucks from a store where NONE of their handbags, (and I do mean NONE), are that low-priced. My initial response was to leave it there, but I just couldn’t resist! When I discovered it was still at the store the next day, I scooped it up! Really? How could I not?

And no my legs are not ashy in these pics! Those are silky-sheer hosiery, (slightly off from my skin-tone, but let's just say they are neutral). It wasn’t so much that it was cool outside, but in the office it was! I needed all the insulation I could get today!

Dainty Earrings: Forever 21/Chain Belt: It’s Fashion/ Denim Dress: Old Navy/Silky Sheer Hosiery: Assets via Ross/ Boots: Evan’s /Bag: Olivia + Joy via Marshall’s  

/Side Note:/ I have found that time management is key to posting regularly. I have designated times during my day which I shoot. This has been helpful with producing frequent content for my readers. I try to adhere to a schedule where I post two outfits a week.


  1. Amazing look!!! You are amazing I used to do 2 outfits a week but I started to get tired of blogging so one outfit a week gives me and my Husband who photographs my photos time to recoup. He's sick of me! lollllllll

  2. Very cute! I love a simple/easy dress! There's nothing like it. OAN: I'm struggling with my blog life. I hate to admit it, but I am. Trying to get pics, taken in this weather, and with no real camera is a struggle!

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