Monday, February 24, 2014

All Black...

I’ve seen several All Black Ensembles executed well in blogger land. I was always wary of this trend because I love color so much!! The need to be comfortable and style a simple, but put-together look, influenced me to break out of my comfort zone. This cardigan gave me the last little nudge as well.


I went out on a limb today in two ways.

One: Of course, I finally styled this all black outfit!
         As I fore stated, my loyalty to color has made this difficult.
But I got the best of both worlds by adding a POP of RED!

Two: I finally took some pics by this garage.
           I’ve coveted this spot by my job for a long while.
But I was scared that someone would spot me.
Today I didn’t care!
I went for it.

There are other spots in this little nook that I want to take advantage of when the mood and the outfit strikes!

Loafers & Tank: J.C. Penny/Bag: Carlos Santana via Macy’s/Jewelry, Trousers, & Cardigan: Forever 21 & Forever 21+


  1. Girl you NAILED this all black!! I've been wearing dark colors all Winter I'm ready for Spring now so I can get back to my colors!

  2. Thanks V! I agree with you there but I'm seeing so many black pieces that make easy outfits! I know how to add a splash of color to liven them up though...and not the predictable ones either!

  3. Work, Tammie! I love the pop of red. I want to take photos on location but I'm a little apprehensive about it. I see progression with y your posing also. Keep rocking it girlie :)

  4. That leopard was a nice touch to the all black look!