Saturday, February 22, 2014


I adore mono-chrome looks and seek opportunities to broaden the scope of my personal style in this area.
But, my love of color oftentimes distracts me!

In preparation for Valentine’s Day and I ordered a dress, which the fit was not the best that it could be.
I went online to search more styles that would fit the occasion.
Then after work, I took to the mall for some  last minute inspiration.

I wasn’t expecting to find this dress in store, but I did! And I knew at first sight it would fit amazing! How could it not? Fit and flare is PERFECT for ALL BODY TYPES!

The notion for me to make this a monochrome look came as I was getting dressed. I remembered my never-been-worn red pumps and decided to go for it!

One BEAT Face and Pair of Earrings Later, The look was finished and it was fairly easy to pull off!

/Side Note:/ I went with a darker lip, as not to over-do it with all the red! I also wore a flesh-toned bra with this dress that I acquired from Soma Intimates. A strapless, plunge or front-closure bra would have been divine as well.

For two years I’ve made plans to do something alone on Valentine’s Day.

 But my friends stepped in and changed my plans. We had a great time! More on them later!

Earrings and Dress: Forever 21 & Forever 21+/Clutch and Heels: Thrifted


  1. absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Fit and flare sadly doesn't work for me because of weight gain in my tummy area but it looks GREAT on you!

  2. You look radiant. Red looks so good on us <3

  3. Thank you!!!!! I loved how this look came out!

  4. You look gorgeous! Very pretty dress!