Saturday, June 18, 2016

Own Your Shine!

So Yeah… This Happened!

Ok, ok, not literally. But wouldn’t it be cool if it did? 

This is the product of a collaboration between myself and a DYNAMIC photographer friend of mine.  

Being in the desert for months on end, {read about that here and here}, can really wear on a girl’s fashion sense. Annnnd, while I tried my best to maintain all things Tammiesque, I failed miserably and no cares were given to the situation.

Well, not only am I fashionably back in my element but I have encountered some awesome individuals who have encouraged me to do just what the title of this post reads; OWN MY {preverbal} SHINE!

…And let me tell you: When you do, a whole gamut of situations will ensue. 

Never the Less:

- I am focusing on lessons learned and implementing those take-aways.
- I am allowing myself to be nurtured.
- I am retreating into things I enjoy.

- I am showing gratitude.
- I am being honest about my thoughts and feelings.
- I am walking in resilience.

Earrings&Dress:  H&M/ Shades: Aldo/ Clutch: Payless/ Shoes: Alfani via Macy’s
Make Up: Monique Duncan for Benefit Cosmetics & Ulta
Visuals: Paola Trumata Instagram: @silentninjuh


  1. Nice to see you back you are definitely shining! I am trying to get back in the groove style has evolved to more practical everyday looks and also I was lazy! lolll

  2. I completely inderstand! Life goes through ebbs and flows that sometimes distract us from our passions. It's not a thing wrong with practical style. The world needs to see more of it!