Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bright Brogues...

I'm finally in some pants!
The outfit I had put together in my head was a bit more drab than its rendition.
I mean, the colors would have been nice together.
But there was no Zing, no Zam, no POP!
So I thought about what this blogger did with her tan pants...
And what the same blogger wore on her feet recently....
Her name is Lexy from the Blog BeautyFash...
Her style is pure genius
Annnd I LOVE the fact that she embraces her curves!
Her style is how today's outfit was born.
I actually saw these shoes online at the Urban Outfitters website and thought they were red.
When I spotted them in the mall during my recent trip home, it was like seeing a celebrity you watch all the time on TV... in person.
I get that feeling all the time when I find stuff I liked online, in the person.
Even if they are orange instead of red, they are funky and quirky... Annnnd, just my style.
And not to mention they are comfortable!

On a TOTALLY unrelated note, my cable has been off since the beginning of the month.
I've made more than one attempt to contact the company regarding this issue.
I spent most of my lunch break on Monday talking with the manger of my apartment complex and witnessing her speak to Time Warner about the issue.
After being placed on hold for SEVERAL MINUTES, she was able to confirm the last tenants added services which were not paid for.
As a result, Time Warner turned off MY CABLE!
She was able to confirm an appointment for a technician to come out this morning and asked that it be noted on the account to have the front office let them into my place.
The manager warned me to also put a sign on my door to insure the technician didn't leave without making arrangements with the office.
Before I left for work, I left the following sign on my door:
This is how they responded:
That was cute...
Gold Button Earrings: Forever 21
Gold Necklace: Wal-Mart
Heather Gray Cardi: Wet Seal
Tribal Tank: Forever21
Tan Bootcut Jeans: Zanadi Brand via Ross
Bright Orange Brogues: Deena and Ozzy Brand via Urban Outfitters


  1. oh I love that top!! I think it has lots of zing! :)

  2. I have yet to find me a great pair of brogues! I'm super jealous of yours! you look great! and I just love beautyfash too! Lexy be on point!