Friday, September 16, 2011

Ravishing Red...


[The Back Drop]

[[The inside Scoop...]]
This outfit consists of things I wanted to wear today...
Go figure.
But I can't say how I was going to put them together or what would be the common thread.
The first thing I grabbed was these jeans.


I'd never worn them at work and they are some of the best-fitting jeans in my closet, (which is bad 'cause even they have their flaws...they just have the least amount of flaws though).
I was going to throw on my mustard tee, but something was just off about it with these jeans.
I decided to throw on a gray tee, (my go-to color), and it was PERFECT...


I hadn't worn my striped espadrilles in a while so I dug them out of my mountain of flats.


The belt was a natural choice, even though it barely fits around my waist in these jeans.


I think I subconsciously chose touches of red so I could carry this AMAZNG bag!
I can't wait to pair it with muted winter tones for an interesting POP of color during the cooler months.


Annnnnnnd... this vest?
Sso last minute...
Grabbed it just as I was ready to head downstairs and start my day to add some dimension to an otherwise one-dimensional look...


Sleeveless Sweater Vest: The Gap
Gray Tee: The Gap's "Perfect" Tee
Jeans: Melrose
Red Belt: Target
Striped Espadrilles: Old Navy
Large Red Bag: Thrifted!



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