Saturday, October 29, 2011

From the Bottom Up...

As I have described previously in detail, I have been looking for some bottoms that fit better.
This started with jeans, (as I did a whole sphill on the topic), and have branched out in other areas.
I found some nice-fitting attire and I feel I made some nice choices today that will suit me well.
Here are some pictures of my style journey.


I also wanted to add some pictures of my outfit today.
Nothing special, just something that was versatile enough to keep me warm when it was a bit chilly today and wouldn't be too warm when the temperature raised.
I did good.


Silver Hoop Earrings: New York and Company
Plaid Shirt: Rainbow
Dark Skinny Jeans:  Forever 21+
Black Wedge Booties: Bamboo via Marshall's



  1. Love your boots with the plaid top. So unexpected. Your hair is cute! Kiah

  2. Love your boots and your jeans! I have such a hard time finding skinny jeans that are not super low rise and yours are really cute.

  3. ..Thank you both for commenting that is

    LV, I too find that low rise jeans ate Not for me. Here are some brands I like in skinnies,
    Old Navy-Sweet heart Jeans
    Forever 21+ Skinny Denim
    I even heard Levis Curve ID Jeans are good.
    I've tried other cuts in Levis denim, but not skinny