Friday, October 14, 2011

"I felt SUPER today!"

Super Collage2

"Style can be an inside joke that you're the ONLY ONE in on!
Dare to be original..."
Today I wanted to dawn my red denim to work.
Since it was Casual Friday, I thought it would be cool to dawn this shirt with my colored denim.


I must admit, it crossed my mind more than once to debut these bottoms with my go-to heather grey tee[s].
Lord knows I have more than a few of them, and I buy more than one when I find a style I favor.
Besides my gray tees, this one is probably the most comfortable in my collection.


I probably looked like a 16-year-old today, and I tried to grown-woman-swag this outfit up with a denim jacket that I ... Thrifted!


I even got some side-eyed glances in response to my NERVE to wear not only brightly-colored denim, but a superhero tee.
One of my esteemed colleagues asked me if I was going to a Halloween party. I think he was serious.

Super Collage

"Nope," I replied with sass in my tone, "I just felt SUPER today!"
Hey, I was glad my work week was finally ending when I got dressed.
I could have played it safe today with something more conservative up top to play down the POP of the red.


On other days I will.
But it was Friday today and I felt like Super Woman that I had made it through. ...all responsibilities and obligations fulfilled!
What superhero would you dress up as?

SUPER Man Tee: Wal-Mart SUPER Center
Red Skinny Jeans: Forever 21+
Studded Belt: Dot's Fashions
Black Leather Banded Watch: THRIFTED!
Gold Wedges: Dloce Vita for Target [not the shoes I wore to work today BTW, but the shoes I wanted to be photographed in...]

PS: I got my hair done after work today...did you notice?



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