Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Joints...

"I don't want to age in my clothing tastes, just show more maturity.
...There's a difference."
Much to my mother's satisfaction, I'm sure, my tastes in dress wear are becoming more conservative.
I still love my sassy clothing with reduced hemlines and painted-on silhouettes, but I'm finding myself favoring a more tailored fit with a sophisticate edge as well.
Of course I ran some errands today.
And of course I picked up some new Joints I'd like to share.
I even tried on a few of my purchases and took some pictures.
[Side Note: One of the errands I went on was to take my camera to be repaired. Not that my pictures were phenomenal in the first place, but I had to use my old stand-by camera today. The quality of my pictures suffered, but it is what it is.]
New Joints:




Navy Blue Jacket: Forever 21 [I found this in the straight-sized section but it is an was PLACED there for me]
Olive Green A-line Dress: Calvin Klein via Ross on clearance for $19.99!
Metallic-Toned Cheetah Pumps: Steve Madden via Ross for $19.99!
Also, My LL Bean Denim Blazer Came!


I got it in a size 10, (even though I wear a 14) for a more tailored fit.
I had a twinge of doubt when I finalized my online purchase, as I was NOT interested in having to wait for the return process.
When I pulled it out the packaging, I said aloud "Oh yeah, I got this."
It fit perfectly!
Going along with the theme of classiness, I got some more conservative and polished-looking jewelry pieces today as well.


All pieces came from my local Beauty Supply.  My favorite is the  gold-toned oval earrings [top right].
I saw this two-toned, multi-stranded bracelet by Ettienne Aigner while picking up some things at Ross last weekend.


Lo and Behold, the same bracelet was there when I stalked the jewelry counter a week later, (today).
Did I get it?
I sure did!
The original price tag said this piece retails for $29.
I got it for $8.
It is the perfect piece to tie in my gold-trimmed watch with outfits I'd accessorize with silver.
I also didn't leave my nails out today.
Since I am becoming more and more obsessed with Sally Hansen Solon Effects, I decided to try the "Skinny Jeans" polish strips next.
I won't be rocking it this week, as my Essie "Sand Tropez" pedicure is holding up well! If it ain't broke don't fix it...I Thus, let my wisdom outweigh my boredom.
So I'm going to put Essie on my nails too and give it another week.
To match my toes up with this color, I got Forever 21's Love and Beauty  in "Dark Blue."
And , since I was on a roll, I also got "Egg Plant" as well.
Another color that will make it's debut in my Fall nail polish collection is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength's "Tyin the Knot."
I wonder what inspired this color.
I also picked up a bottle of Onyx's Pure Acetone.
I love it! It sucks the color right off my nails and THICK toenails with ease.


  1. The tailored look suits you well. It's very flattering. I love the dress.

  2. haaay! lovin' the denim blazer! too cute!