Sunday, November 6, 2011

Speed Limit 30...

My FASHION is laid back! [period.]
I had some errands to run today so I needed an easy-going look that would also looked pulled-together for outfit pics.


That's right!
I purposed it in my mind to take some shots while getting dressed.
WHAT! *giggles*
I wanted to center this outfit around my first ASOS purchase...these amazing burgundy patent loafers.


And yes, I will be finding some shiny pennies to put in the pockets across the top.
So yeah...Not only did this outfit feature my shoes, but it is a K.I.S.S. outfit.


A look where my whole purpose is,
K. eeping
I. t
S. o
S. imple...
Just throw on a gray tee, jeggings, a cute belt and some flats and there you go.
Done and Done!


Silver Studded Earrings: Forever 21 studded earrings do for ears what a cute pair of flats do for feet...
Gray V-Neck Tee: The Gap's "Perfect" Tee
Knit Jeggings: Dot's Fashions
Python Print Belt: Wal-Mart


Burgundy Patent Penny Loafers: London Rebel, via ASOS ... [yay!]
BTW...I had to include the sign in MOST pictures that I posted as I AM 30! It was like taking birthday pics!


What road sign would represent your age?



  1. I just turned 30 in January so I would also be the same street sign. Loving the loafers. Good purchase.


  2. I am loving 30! And the fact I don't look it even better! Thanks for commenting!