Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I've Changed ...

Well Kinda...


Yeah, I know, I know...


This is the EXACT same dress as last post pretty much.

Different color...


The striped sweater dress will be my go-to look for the cooler temps.

I have them in Three Colors!!!


Not only are they easy to style.

But they fit me so well!


Its something so sexy about how this pattern hugs my curves.

I also absolutely LOVED how these pictures came out.

I was going to go with a metro-looking area with manicured greenery, busy streets, and shops lining the walkway...


But then I pulled into this vacant strip-mall.

I live in an area just minutes away from high-end boutiques that are all decked out for the Christmas Holidays.

My imagination took over and this is the result.

Kinda like a Christmas card don't you think?


It's nothing like exquisite scenery and an outfit that you feel beautiful in that make the best shots!



Red Hot Earrings: Target

Red Lip: Revlon Fire & Ice

Black Faux Leather Jacket: Old Navy

Striped Sweater Dress: Target

Black Tights: Target

Black Studded/Grometed Booties: Doll House

And in Case You Hadn't Noticed....I'm Now a Redhead! I love it!


Got it done this past Friday!


  1. I've been a lurker for a minute...but, I'm getting more active in blogland so I decided to finally comment. Your hair color and cut is FIRE! I LOVE a short cut and kinda, sorta want to cut mine short again. I LOVE short hair. Girl, you be killing 'em with those poses! Love that dress on you...the whole ensemble actually. We have the same body type, except I think I may be a little bit taller. Love the location where you shot your pics. Nice post.

    1. Well it is very nice to meet you dear!!! Thanks for commenting.

  2. As usual, you killed it in the pics! Don't change!! The stripes look awesome on you. Of course I'm biased because I have a thing for them myself.

    The second to the last shot. YES!! You murdered that!

  3. You are working it out maam! I love the boots!

  4. Yup, 1st thing I notice was the hair!!!!! Love it & them shoessss... And, I agree with Ticka that last photo shoot needs to e in a magazine!!!!!