Friday, November 23, 2012

Thank You for Your Order ...

I hope everyone had a splendid Thanksgiving. Mine was low-key...Just like I like it.
I am Thankful to God for...
My life, health and strength.
The ability to have the things that I need and my wants as well.
The opportunities He gives me for self growth.
The people in my life that encourage and uplift me.
And...the life He's given me. It's truly amazing! And sometimes I'm so focused on what I don't have that I forget about what I do have.
...God Bless

So, as you know Black Friday is upon us.

... A day that people scower the markets in search of their favorite sale items.

Most wait in long lines for electronics.

But if you are anything like me, you are looking for a golden opportunity to buy those items that you have been stalking online for a minute, at an impeccable discount.

Today I made my fashion dreams come true without fighting the crowds or siphoning through other's left-overs for treasure.  

My experience was straight-forward.

I shopped online.

I might have gotten more without having to pay shipping for my preferred buys.

But I was able to get what I wanted, when I wanted without all the drama.

This is what I had in cue in my mental shopping basket.

I saw many other items that my heart desired, but these were must have's!

Black Friday Buys




When shopping, I try to incorporate the old with the new, add trendy pieces and of course look for opportunities to get more bang for my buck.

1. The Bag featured in this set is by Giani Bernini via Macy's...I have been looking for a stylish tote to dawn with my dark brown riding boots I bought from The Avenue. I saw a lovely Micheal Klors bag that tickled my fancy, but it was $200.00, even at Marshall's! (Couldn't afford it even if I put it on lay-away) This tote was a little over $60, with the promotion that Macy's has on their website plus shipping and handling (3 days). And it's kind of reminiscent of a Louis Vuitton with the brown and tan signiture color-blocking.
2. My go-to outfit for the weekends is leggings.
I usually do black but I wanted to go edgy with these cobalt shimmery numbers. And at the buy one, get one 70% off sale that is having, why not?
3. Plaid is a wardrobe staple this season! It's so versitile, classic and chic. When I saw this shirt, also on, I knew it had to be mine. Can't wait to do an outfit post with it.
4. I remember when leggings first came out. I said I woudn't jump on that trend bandwagon. Now, I've bought so many pairs I hope they NEVER go out of style! These lack liquid numbers wll add some edge to the outfits I usually dawn with my knit numbers...unhuh!
5. These booties were on sale on the website for a little over $9! I love that they follow the All Things Oxblood trend, but they are so affordable. They are also versitile becuase of the simple sihlouette the shoe. I also forsee them to be comfortable with the wedge heel. I  got them in black as well.
6. I have been craving long and flowy chiffon button-downs here lately. I love how they look with slim-legged pants and can be belted or worn with a blazer for good measure. I bought this leopard top at Did you know they ahve a plus-sized shoppe?
7. I have been eyeing this olive utility jacket on for minute! It was a toss-up between this and a cool moto jacket they were selling. The latter was sold out, but this was there in abundance! It's a bit out of my comfort zone but I can wing it. 
8. I NEEDED some oxblood britches in my seriously! Now I have them thanks to These "coated" skinny jeans are a size-up from what I usually wear, but I can live with that! I can only hope that they come to me in the same deep wine that is conveyed on the site.
And there you have it folks...
Not many items, but it deons't have to be when you FINALLY get to purchase items you really want!


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