Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Getting My Preverbal LIFE!

Method Behind the Madness:

For the sake of this post, I will say that there are only a few things worse (after a vacation) than a traveler coming home to an unclean dwelling.

Since I live alone, I am 100% at fault for this.

I left in haste and before my travels I was not in the emotional state of mind to clean.

Sooo…with one of my best friends on the other end of my cell, (thanks Shon), I spent the greater part of my morning cleaning…Including mopping which I despise.

This hygienic adventure even bought me out to my vehicle. I got it more organized and ready for detailing on Saturday.

GMPL Outfit:

I paid bills, (... gotta live right?)…and in the midst of my errands my battery went dead and my car wouldn’t start…

I took advantage of the situation and took outfit pics…

I thought it would be cool to turn this otherwise neutral color pallet up with some neon yellow. It's my favorite loud color! 

It was HOT today.

Neon/Metallic Earrings: Beauty Supply Back Home,Tank: J.C. Penny, Striped Skirt: Old Navy, Chetah-Print T-strapped Sandals: Merona Brand via Target

GMPL Fitness Jumpstart:

On one of my stops, I got some new inserts for my sneakers.
(As I have mentioned) My arches are incredibly low and most of my weight gravitates toward my insoles.
I found a store which features  special shoe inserts that provide support to low arches, especially during work-outs. 

They also featured some shock absorbent sneaks that caught my eye the last time I was in the store. I found out today these shoes were by Spira.

 I bought a pair of the Spira Scorpus today to try them out.  Annnd they were on SALE!
They didn’t have my size in women’s so I opted for a pair of men’s…

/Side Note:/ It has really paid off that I had ventured over to my gender’s counterpart when it comes to some of my style choices. It was helpful today to know my size in men’s sneakers so that I could purchase my workout shoes!!!!

The last purchase I made was Gold Gym’s Remix KickboxingWorkout!
It comes with four 30-minute workouts as well as hand and foot weights!
In the past, the home gym helped me to be more consistent with working out. I have always loved kickboxing and wanted to give it a try so this and Jillian Michael’s Kickboxing DVD will be perfect.
I’d  also like to find the old school Tae Bo as well. That kept me in great shape back in the day.

....In the midst of all this, school started for me this week!

In what way(s) are you getting your proverbial life?


  1. Girl u look FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those curves are working that skirt to DEATH honey and that new hair just takes it to a whole nother level!!!

    1. I agree with you 100% about my hair! I love everything I wear now and want to dress up more!

  2. Guuurrrrrrrllll, that was you're "cleaning outfit"?! You don't want to see what I look like on cleaning day! LOL! Old Navy has the best striped skirts, don't they!! Looking good Tammie!

    To get my life, I am back in the gym. I had slacked off this summer BIG time, and I refuse to quit. I need new shoes as well, because I have started running/jogging (which is hard as heck, btw).

  3. This was Not my cleaning outfit. After I cleaned I ran stands. I'm do proud of you for embarking upon the adventure that is running. I wish...