Wednesday, October 30, 2013

  Sexy Halloween Photo Shoot!

I got the idea to go out from my friend. But it took me SO LONG to  get ready that I missed my chance.

I put so much time into my look that I did not want to sit at home, so I went at it alone.
I did some quick research, found a Halloween party at a local club and headed out.
 I found some random people to take my pics but I have to admit they were not the best.

I am still learning my camera, so I couldn’t tell them how to adjust the settings to make them come out better.

I got some random shots of the people/ happenings around me just to get some practice using my cam.

A fella taking his lady out for her birthday.

A sexy Pirate!

The packed dance floor

Bozo Makes Headlines!

SWAT Swag!

SWAT on Mack Patrol! 

The Club had a Heaven/Hell Theme...This was Heaven

Diggin her Leopard Peplum...Ears and a Tail would have took the look up a notch!

Love the Angel Costume! ...Went great with the theme!

Then, the most luckiest thing happened.
A photographer was on deck taking momento photos and he agreed to shoot me with my camera.
Hence, a impromptu sexy Halloween photo shoot!

Don’t even ask me what my costume was…I guess it was a thick sexy Goth diva…

Cape: Wal-Mart
Earrings: Store-Front Boutique
Dress: Forever 21 +
Fishnets:  Wal-Mart
Heels: Steve Madden Moscow

 My Photographer....


  1. Thanks V! It was nice to get out!

  2. Your pics are fantastic! You don’t have to reveal extra flesh just to emphasize your sexiness. Your poses are definitely a statement! But I think you need to add some attitude to make it more convincing.

    Barrie @Art Of Seduction

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