Monday, November 25, 2013

Thoughts on Body Acceptance...

{Actually had another post scheduled, but I felt this needed to go up first!}

I was looking at some pictures of myself about five years ago that sparked some deep thought.

I felt I had let my weight get WAYYYYYYY out of hand and decided to do something about it.
Ultimately I did and began to feel better in my skin.

Before I go any further I must divulge that I am introspective. And part of my efforts at self-examination is to ask myself, “Tammie, are you doing all you can to embrace your body?”
That might entail loving myself enough to fine the motivation to get up and be physical…or that might be accepting the fact that I am doing the best I can for the stage of life I’m in and trusting I will focus on heath efforts when my instinct’s tell me “It’s time.”

When I looked at myself in my mid twenties, I came to the conclusion that I have come a LONG WAY!
  • I accept my beauty for what it is and I am not so quick to compere my looks to others’.
  • I feel more natural with short hair.
  • I know now that going without a bra is non-negotiable.
  • I Prefer to exercise to tighten up problem areas, but I’ll throw on a girdle if I deem necessary.  …The latter is happening a LOT more these days.
  • I no longer try to make clothes work…I try things on and exercise choice. [I will say now-a-days there are more stores which carry clothes for a curvy girl]
  • & most importantly, I now find value in the process as well as the result


I had to remind myself while editing these pics [that almost didn’t make it to the blog] that I have come a LONG way!
 Flaws with your body only exist if YOU point them out! Others may judge, but it’s YOUR VIEW of yourself which perpetuates what they think!
Change your mind about yourself and others will follow suit.

Earrings: Gifted/Necklace: The Avenue/ Dress & Shoes: Target {of course the dress is Phillip Lim)/Clutch: J.C. Penny ( actually had these shoes in mind when I bought this!!!!!


  1. and girl YOU look fierce and your confidence radiates!!!!! Everything about this post speaks VOLUMES!!!!

  2. TAMMIE!!! I love that dress on you!! Super sexy!! And those shoes work perfectly with it! You are so on point with this post. Accept you at whatever stage you are in your life. Others will follow suit, and those who don't... oh well.

  3. This post sounds like me. There are times that I don't want to post certain looks, but I have to remind myself that I am inspiring women, You look amazing and yours curves are just oozing out of this dress. Fab!!

  4. You look absolutely fantastic! I love this post & love the hair color!